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Single Family Residence

Range from $1500 - $3500 per month

Single Family Residence is one of the most popular type of Investment Properties as you are purchasing a house and renting it to a family or to a young couple. The benefit of this type of rental is that you are normally dealing with one tenant, one rent cheque and the family household income should be high enough to have no issues collecting your rent.


Student Rentals

Range from $2,400 - $3,300 per month

Student Rentals are one of the most lucrative type of investment property available for purchase. They may come with extra effort however if managed properly they are a great way to increase cash flow while paying off your mortgage. Student Rental as an investment properties differs from a single family residence as you will be renting to a group of friends who will be renting out the house on a single lease but on a room basis. This allows you to increase your rent quite a b


Secondary Suite (Basement Apartment)

Range $750 - $1,400 per month

Secondary Suites is a perfect type of investment property for a first time buyer looking for an investment property. They allow you to live in the house and rent out a space that you would not need. The benefit of a secondary suite (basement apartment) is that the tenant can help you pay down your mortgage.


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